Chernobyl And The Ghost Town Of Pripyat – a new project

Dear friends,

Every artist dreams of raising the bar, pushing all limits further beyond the ordinary world. I am not exception. Therefore, I have prepared a new project called Chernobyl And The Ghost Town Of Pripyat; in which I want to put three elements into a photograph:


  • an idea about a life
  • handmade masks
  • the environment of Pripyat ghost town


When we all look at Pripyat, we just think about how fragile are our lives. One moment, few minutes of not paying the attention and our lives can change radically. Do we like our lives? Do we care about our lives? By this new project, I would like to express my ideas about a life – to send a message.


(Pictures of Pripyat – a real ghost town folks. Author: Michael Day / Barcroft USA, Source: The Telegraph)


The project itself is written and basically all my ideas are completed. Now, it is crucial to find out a financial support for it. I tell you true guys, I cannot make it by my own. Therefore, I am looking for a help. What I need to do is to pay for a trip to Pripyat, get all necessary permits to enter the Chernobyl security zones and make good working conditions for a model and my assistant/make-up artist.


I calculated that 2,000 should make it. Well, if I can get 200 people to donate only € 10.00 – which is actually a price of a pizza and soft drink, then I can start the project. All expenditure will be listed online – so you know exactly how I spent the money. As I often say, no monkey business, but an honest work. 


Financial support – means to wire the money to my bank account based in the European Union, Slovakia. In this case, I pay no fee and all your money comes to my account. You can, however, use Paypal service and donate directly to me via Paypal. Here, I pay 35 cents per transaction and 3.40 % fee of the transferred money.

Other support – I know money is not everything, so if you know a different way of how to support the project, please, let me know. Perhaps, you know someone in Pripyat area who can help, you can pay directly for the trip, you can pay for the hostel or whatever you think might help – all ideas are welcome. Just drop me a mail about it at



To wire the money to a bank account:

IBAN: SK50 5600 0000 0060 5342 6002


To send the money via Paypal, please, use the following email address:


Drop me a mail about a different sort of help you can provide for my project:


The project is also listed at Indiegogo crowdfunding platform.





Thank you very much for your help guys – together, we can make it!