Heart in a bag














Hell is empty







Are we a forest?







Plastic War















Waiting for love






She is last



























She is blind







Words hurt




















Fallen angel







The full moon







Late at night







I am fine







Best friend







The lost generation







The reborn







Lie has a short legs






The girl with umbrella

















The forms of evil





Year 2018


First Exhibition of CREATURES



Human ... He is killing your own ... It does not cover even dressed intelligence, which is trying to suppress the innate instincts ...

From the other side

I saw or where there was no place for me. I saw the purgatory, which is the mirror of earthly sin and suffering. I m coming back from hell. Places of smellyness, malice and infinite darkness.

I m coming back, because it s time to go ... and shine the darkness ...

Inner Beauty

A person who does not see the inner beauty and outer carton itself is only trying many times more than the mask.

Loud Truba

Purveyor of truths armored against any argument ...

A beautiful lie

Words can be beautiful, but when their foundation is based on lies, so time will not only cause misery and pain ...


Memories may not be as good. Life is not always nice and bring a person into the path hill pain and suffering.


The evil, that is inside should never be released ...


Often we get into a situation where we have to decide. We stand at the crossroads of life and wondering which way is right and what direction vydať.

Spider web of indecision, fear, and fear of the future pulls us from one side to the other. It is up to us so we took a life firmly in their hands and stepped in the right direction.

The Key To The Truth

The truth in the world today looking very hard. Lying to us is attacking from all sides and the word TRUTH has increasingly become just a metaphor for something trápnou to the fair.

In the depths of the soul of each of us is a hidden key. The key to the truth that we can open the door out of the endless labyrinth of lies and lies. It is up to us whether we are willing to look for it. ..

Black Widow

Black widow shows a person with an unclear view. Hiding his face behind a veil of meanness and wickedness. I think everyone in their lives at least once a Black widow ...

V mojej hlave

In my head

There are days when I have in my head loose. Hundreds of ideas have streamed to my head and sometimes I have a feeling that zošaliem.

This photo shows the diversity of the human mind.

Hriech náš každodenný

The sin of our daily

Sin is an everyday part of life. It is here, since the human race is at every step. Sin is a purely religious name for something that is wrong and should not be doing this.

The self-styled moral code. Hand on your heart ... to that of the us is sinful? ...



The path to success is usually difficult and thorny. The desired goal is not easy to achieve, but his tastes for more.

Every man should have a life goal, dream, motivation. It drives him forward and forcing him to live and fulfill your dreams.



Good-evil, light-shadow, white and black ...

Who said that darkness is bad and good light? Why black is evil and white good? What is good and what is bad? Dual world is all around us. We have a choice and the way that we will go.

Anyway, both possibilities are more than interesting ...



She had a whole life ahead, and still had to come over. She had so many plans, but instead fell into the hands of death. It had to end like this? There was no way to prevent this? It is already one.

Photo victim are in a figurative sense death. Death, which is still there even if we do not at her. Because we do not know the day, nor hour ...



The situation sometimes make a person to come to a decision, that is no longer able to stand. Unable to face the onus of everyday problems. The only solution is to escape ...

Escape in this case may take many forms. It is up to each of us, in what form she chooses. Whether its just a temporary escape, or fatal...



Where there is life, there is also death. It is an integral part of life. Death is a mysterious, unexplored and its people are always scarying. But sometimes it s just death, the only possible starting point. Exits earthly suffering and sends aching soul to a better place ...

Everyone wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die ...

Ružové okuliare

Pink Glasses

Pink glasses are often times prevent seeing things as they really are ...



Martyr or martyr (cirkevnolat.martyr <gr. = Martyr witness (testifying about the events)) is a person who has been tortured or died for their faith or idea.

Martyr of today is a person, who goes to hold firm and objective idea. Rather he dies, like he is living life by others and not by ourselves ...

Ranená v nádeji

Wounded in hope

She believed, but once again remained disappointed and wounded. Blindly believe and put trust in someone else hands also brings its own risks.

Photo shows a woman who blindly believe and trust in someone else. My hope that this time everything will turn out well and finally be happy.

He could aim at the apple, but instead, once again according to the extent of its fragile heart. Heart that so desperately believed ...

Uväznená 1

Trapped in a spider web of dreams

She fell asleep and I do not want to wake up. It does not recognize the reality of the dream and choose death rather than return to the gray reality. Trapped in a spider web of dreams floats and problems of everyday life do not drag it to the bottom. As miss the only solution is to sleep ...


The Decision

Each of us will ever get to the complex intersection of life, when the administrative decision depends an awful lot. Seek ways how to choose, we try to consult with someone, but mostly it leaves it to his own head and intuition.

The photo shows the decision of the final and definitive action. Well, you can assume that more than a metaphor for everyday decisions in sometimes normal and sometimes critical situations ...

EVIL IS REAL project



Man is often attached to certain things and people. Most often it is the emotional bond that prevent us move further. He keeps us in one place and allow us to move forward ...



How do we deal with stress? We can vent their feelings? Where we are looking for refuge from the outside world? Too much heaviness on the fragile mind can result in apparently incomprehensible acts ... particularly gently.



People are like flowers. Blossom and die. It is a cycle of life that death is an everyday part. We never know when and how to come every time their turn ...



Today times call for simplicity. From every side we fed easy to remember things, which ultimately so very quickly forgotten.

Today time is like poison. Slowly and systematically it get into our brains and the subconscious.

Today time is slaver .... and we are slaves


Different world

Each of us has within himself the Chamber of Secrets so called „ different world“. It is a place where our minds refuge when already can not cope with the daily onslaught of „beastly“ world.

 In this case, the rule of strong individuality. When you open the mysterious door each of us sees something different. One thing is certain. At times we experience that feeling when we pulled our minds almost to onymy mysterious door. We encourage us to get them open and put our troubled minds for a while to reset ...


Malleable Character

Person easily pliable several undesirable effects. It is easy to use and sometimes act like a rag doll. You can pull the string-hole as you want. Easily suggestible to lose the ground under their feet.



Sometimes we are afraid to look truth in the eye more than Lucifer on the Cross. We pride, slander, envy ... Each of us is Lucifer himself ... he is a carrier of light. We lit our sinful shortcomings.


Rotten society

Today brings us a lot of time of evil, violence and fear. People to behave in increasingly worse and the entire company slowly falls into decay of daily sin ...

Lost In Old Memories

Lost In Old Memories

Old memories make us shackled. Each time we go back to the past, our hope for a brighter future is in danger.


Waiting For Faith

The photograph represents a double personality of humans in relation to the belief in God. A person on a dark side with no light trying to find faith and peace of mind.



A woman shackled with her own thoughts.


Vision Of Darkness

Everyone has a dark side of a character. It waits for a right moment inside us. Once invited to play a major role in our life, it takes it over into an endless struggle



A Gentle Beast

At the first glance, a woman is nice and sweet with an invisible, but irresistible dark soul. Once she finds out about your weakness, she does not hesitate a second to succeed. Even a murder is not an obstacle towards her goal.



Issues, ideas,habits are drawing us continuously down to the bottom. Fighting with them is difficult and requires a lot of energy and sacrifice.



I'm sure everyone knows that feeling when you are trying to radically change your life. Everything old and bad is thrown away. Put your mask down and feel free again.



Due to the fact that our society is full of pseudo rules, many people might feel "different". However, that does not mean to stay doomed and lonely for the rest of a life.


Hidden beauty

A real beauty is hidden under a mask of ugliness. Just because someone is apparently pretty on the outside does not mean to be beautiful in general ...