I called this mask cage. It consists of two parts. The first part of the head. Is a metal structure, which is used primarily for complex surgery of the cervical spine. Drilled directly in the head and neck warmer with a perfectly fixed spine.

To it is attached to an old syringe infusion tubing. The whole thing is decorated with a painted barbed wire and rusty brown acrylic paint.

The second part is the cravat that is free from soft tissue. It was painted structuring paste and brown acrylic paint.

The two parts are connected by a barbed, but ordinary wire.








Paper trail Keraplast. Applying a modeling wet. Gouty drying, grinding electric grinder. The corners are made of wire, modeling and painting paper tape. Acrylic paint red and black spray.







White Illusion

White paper with acrylic paint, a mask and a new design.







Mr. P.I.G.

The paper backing. Applied and layered keraplast. Modeling wet. Overnight drying and grinding (s) ex operating. Acrylic paint and leatherette on the forehead of the mask the top fastening. The final status of the masks, the whole boat splashed paint in a spray bottle.







Angry Fire

Paper mask sewed with iron wire + acrylic paint and glue.






Bloody Christ 

A plastic casting covered with gauze and glued with a melt gun + Willow wood and acrylic paint mixed with theatric blood.







Paper mask reinforced with a boat varnish, pierced by a golden screw nail. Acrylic paint, made with toothpick method.






The Green Beast 

Paper form. Ceramic-plastic applied and layered. Modeled in wet conditions. One day drying and grinding with a hand grinder. Mouth was sewn with thread and painted with acrylic paint.






Iron Face 

A plastic casting of the face. Cut and burned over a fire. Melted and shaped into a final form. Silver paint covered by a varnish in layers. The edges of the mask are pierced with fishing hooks.







A plastic casting of the face. Shaped and processed over the fire. Acrylic multi coating applied by the Toothpick method.






The plague 

A plastic casting produced on a prepared model. Grinded with a hand grinder + bonding the little stones with a melt gun.






Dark Puma 

Paper form. Ceramic-plastic applied and layered. Modeled in wet conditions. One day drying time. Grinding with a hand grinder. Acrylic paint. Layered and properly made with the Toothpick method.






Red Eye 

Quilted bag. The eye is sewn-on knob and mouth is a sewn-on zipper + acrylic paint.







Paper form. Cut as whole to the final form. Layered and glued gauze. Acrylic paint.






Half Skull 

Plastic form molded and fused the backing over the fire in the final form + acrylic paint.






The Devil 

Paper form. Ceramic-plastic applied and layered, modeled in wet conditions. Pierced barbed wire. One day drying time. Hand sanded + acrylic paint. Corners have the backing from a wire.






White Joker  

Paper form cut to the final form. Pinned from back and reinforced with mesh + acrylic paint.