Lucifer is always been the epitome of evil and the dark side. Prince of darkness and the ruler of hell. The photographing of this topic led me to one book I read. It was broken down in detail in it, who or what is in fact Lucifer. Who she was and how to get where he is. I think we all know that Lucifer was ever an angel, but he was too proud and refused to bow to God. So he in turn brought down from heaven and sent him down pretty nice. In short, he became a fallen angel.

The photo depicts Lucifer as the parties look to the cross. It is causing him pain and suffering. The cross is for him something which existence understands but does not want it to look. And in the same way it is with us humans. Have our sins, we do bad things. We realize that, but there are times when we would prefer it threw away and not to be vomited. We do not want to look inside yourself and look truth in the eye. Sometimes it hurts us ... The truth always hurts.

Is there a hell? Endless hotest terrifying flames? Will the sinner for his actions after death in hell? Personally, I think that hell is here and now. Each of us makes it myself ....


C39 Art