Creepy MindZ






Creepy Mindz project was founded in early 2016. These were my first work in the field of creepy, horror dark photo shoot. Almost all photos are made in my studio. This unique project, which brought a breath of fresh air into the ranks of Slovak photography lasted half a year.






The project was widely welcomed, but also to find their detractors. And yet I have met with enormous interest in this photo shoot by model / models.






Creepy MindZ had the task of shock, surprise and add conzervative to the actual photos. I have long wondered about the thinking and preparing everything that belongs to it. The beginning of the year came to me as a great idea, and so I let it go.






I can only conclude that the Creepy MindZ was a stepping stone for the next project IS the REAL EVIL, which is struggling with an increasingly more positive feedbacks. Thank you to everyone who was a part of it.