Don't show your face


Creatures is a unique project, which is scheduled to start at the beginning of February 2017. He was preceded by the total reconstruction of my Studio and made some modifications wereimplemented, mainly because of the Creatures.


"Don't show your face" reveals that the mask will not even in this project an emergency. Surely they will be, but in contrast to EVIL IS a REAL project would not put such emphasis on them. Of course, I'm not planning to stop the production of masks, but this will go when you take a picture of something other than just a twisted mask.


When you are viewing the photos of this project you will search in vain for unveiled face. It is one that will have me made mask, bag or metal construction. Creatures is the project  of the shrouded face. However and whatever else ...


The photos will be more meaningful. Each will offer a brief description and my view of that photo. Will be better, and I hope that other than those earlier


I will not divulge a lot.. but certainly do what shall ...