Welcome To A New Website!

Hello guys,

I have been working very hard during a whole summer because I really wanted to make this autumn a very special for all of you. I have created my personal website where I want to share all photos and a mask work. You know, a life of an artist is challenging. Firstly, it is like a hobby, something you do in your spare time. Then, you suddenly realize that you want to progress more and more. And this is what I am actually doing right now - moving from one-off Facebook presentation to a new world of having own website connected to social profiles - so we can communicate, share and be interactive.


Am I a photographer? Am I a mask artist? Could I say a word artist? I think so. I believe that my life has been mixed with some artistic essence which led to what I am doing now. I have noticed that some people really wanted to know more about the masks I created and photos I took. So, instead of getting into individual emailing campaign, I have come up with this beautiful website - www.c39art.com Did you jot it down? Cool 🙂


It is a very effective online presentation because you can browse it on PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet. You know what, I love special effects, however, I did not put any to my website. Why? I want to start step by step, so it loads fast and you can enjoy its simplicity. Consequently, you can go through very quickly, zoom in and out all pictures and jump straight to social media profiles. Cool right?


Let's go over it again: On the left, there is a menu - click on about me and you can read about my life, go to photography to see all top pictures I took, and do not forget to visit masks to see my hard work. I am a very interactive person, so if you have any questions or you like my work and it would be great to travel to your city to show it off, please, get in touch in contact section.


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Guys, I wish you a lovely day - oh no, is this first blog article too long? Hope not 🙂 and I will try to contribute as often as I can, do not forget to send me your feedback about my website and some topics for future articles.